Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I download all my personal and work emails in my email client, Microsoft Outlook. I don't usually delete emails but I like to sort them like Work, Personal, WWJD, and others... Webmail doesn't work for me as i run out of space pretty fast, so when I download all my mails it will be good for me because practically there are no limits.

Today I read the papers that if your emails size in your computer reaches 2GB, you will not be able to open your Outlook as it will hang. Fearing that I might reach that state, i quickly did a check on my mailbox size. Not surprised, my emails size is 600MB and +++

So i spent my evening to do housekeeping in my mailbox.

I run through them and some emails were dated as early as late Year 2003. Some emails brought a smile to my face... and as i read i felt encouraged some of the emails that friends had send me - concerns, thanksgiving, prayers, encouragment, sharing and many much more.

I also saw mails that brought me tears of comfort. Emails that I had wrote to my friends sharing my difficult times at work and studies and how these friends wrote back to me encouraging to go on. Prayers, Bible Verses, Quotes and Stories. Some were so sweet and find jokes to cheer me up.

Emails that say "Fill this up and send me back". It had a list of questions asking my friends how they thought of me. Words like Loud girl, Fun to be with... not very smart leh ... and many funny & ridiculous things about me... and questions like if there a promise for me, what would it be... all my friends replied: Eternal Friendship with you my dear friend

Emails from friends who wrote how much hurt they are going through or how things are not going well for them in their work, life, studies, relationships or ministries. How they asked for understanding and comfort. Some wrote that I had neglected them and often too busy to meet up with them and they felt hurt. Guilt just smashed hard on my face after reading those emails.
Apologies and reconciliation of friendship.

Emails from this fellow, call Teh Eng Chuan... seems like he always emailing people with lots of articles on God's word. How sometimes his emails seem to be irrelevant at that time, but when i look through my mails again, somehow God would use the emails/articles to give me answers on problems in my life

At the end of the housekeeping, i only managed to reduce to 500MB which is erm hmm.. kind of still alot because the above emails are the ones that I can't bear deleting them away.

My heart is very clean now and fills with peace from God. How amazing that God uses emails to spring cleaned my heart as well.

If your mailbox is liked my previous size of 600MB, maybe you can also go through your old emails and you will be surprised how refreshed you will be after spring cleaning your maibox.

Happy Email Housekeeping !

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