Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mini Achievement

Just want to share my mini achievement.

I had manage to come up with the E-commerce site. The most impossible and the toughest that I faced so far. I still remember back in Poly days I cannot even write a simple program. I just couldn't! For some reason, I never seem to be able to come up with the logic. Never mind since is donkey years ago...

Allow me to present my client's site - Hua. It basically means her bags are all floral designed bags. Free advertising :) haha

Hopefully I will be able to do the same for Ripples and also more e-commerce site :P

My client is very sweet to me. She told me to select any 2 bags that I want from her stock :) My mom had already "chop" one ... i am still undeciding which one . haha =)


Qq said...

*raising a glass*

A toast to PY and her first e-commerce site. Praise God & many more of such sites to come.


Anonymous said...
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