Wednesday, September 28, 2005

IT talk

HotSpot of the Day
"11.40 pm... and i am craving for.... macdonald hotcakes ... with lotsa of honey and butter :P~"
i don't know if that happens to you, sometimes when I work extremely hard during the day, I look forward to a good meal. Or cook something nice to cheer myself.

Recently i discovered a new software by Googles. Hmm maybe it had been here for quite sometime only then i realize its existence (how lousy for a IT person like me). Check it out Picasa by Google. If you think Photoshop is too "cheem" (difficult) for you, I think you will enjoy Picasa. What I like about this is the built in feature of doing collage. Saves me lots of time instead doing the manual way in Photoshop.

Some sample pixs that I took.. If you like black and white or sepia print... they offered you the effect with one click =)

So cool isn't? I don't have much pictures in my laptop.. wait till I go back to my main PC and play with the software...

Work had been stressful and 1 deadline is coming up pretty soon.. But thank God Kg is clearing his leaves beginning of next month which means he can jump in the wagon and save me ...

Back to my retreat... sigh still can't believe the whole chunk of entry is gone... but it had been a good retreat.. like what Mandy say.. good for the soul and the tummy =)

Most imptly, I had re-discover the motivations and passions in serving this ministry. The retreat had help all officers to know about the different needs and motivations and how it can be helpful in the growth of the ministry. It also highlighted some of our needs or motivations could be a stumbling block not only in our lives but also the youths' lives. Must really find time to blog those stuffs again.

i feel like baking this week... any suggestions or requests?

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