Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fried Mars Bars

I know this is nothing new... but to me i was excited to try this fattening dessert. Presenting to you the ....

Fried MARS BARS!!!

Yummy :) Fried Mars Bars make PY a happy girl =)

I was watching this show call The Cook's Tour and he was in Scotland discovering new food. Their food don't surprised me. Is their diet which surprise or shock me! Scotland people eat things without any regards to their health! They love fried junk food they will just dip anything into the batter to deep fry it! *Really anything* from fish and chips to pizzas to mars bars.. and the most ridiculous I saw were ... pickled eggs! They wake up in the morning and where do they go? They go to pub and have a drink first. After their first drink, they will head to have their breakfast and what accompany their breakfast? Another beer! These people are crazy! No wonder they have the lowest life expenctancy in the developed world!

Still... I just added fried mars bars into my Happy Food list.

Fried Mars Bars are now available at Far East Shopping Center (beside Ya Kun) and it cost $2.95 with 4 mini bite sizes mars bars and 1 scoop of ice-cream (choosing between vanilla or chocolate) or if you wish to skip the ice-cream, they are quite happy to give you more mars bars =)

*warning: ultra sweet and ultra addictive!

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