Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Blessings of the Day: Thank God for my beautiful mom. Even though she's naggy @ times, but I think no one can ever replace her! :) Thank God for also a nice MIL even though yes there are times she does get into my nerves.  haha
Mee siam is my mom's favourite food :) Thus my sister Sllow decided to make mee siam again. From scratch! We wondered why are mee siam are sold so cheap outside, there are definitely lots of work going on! But of course one can tell by the generous amount of servings. Each family member ate at least 2 big bowls of mee siam. We had both the dried and wet version. Both are my favourites but the wet one were kind of too spicy for me to take it. That's when I learned from my sister that she put in 80 chillis? I hope I didn't get the number wrong!

What did i do for my mom? I bake cake (again). This time it wasn't too bad but I know my carrot cake have lots of room for improvement. Love the cream cheese. Yum!

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