Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monday Blues

Hmmm who ever said self-employed have no monday blues? I think is not true! 

Lately ever since the deliberate decision of not going to FB during the lent season, I was pretty much focus on it. There were times, I type "" without me realizing when I launched my browser. My eyes & mouse cursor always got to quickly move to the "Close" button quickly in order not to view the feeds! Talked about addiction. Didn't realize my addiction to FB was rather severe! Finally in order not to give  in to temptation, I cleared all my browser cookies and the next time my subconscious mind or  auto reflex fingers keyed in "", all I'll see will be the login page instead. It was rather depressing to hear live feeds from KgBook or RayBook or other ____Books you named it when you can't really go in and view what's happening.

Due to the strong commitment, I did get more productive at work and managed to be on the ball clearing as much works as possible. But it also got me abit overworked too! There were no "recreation" times for me after work. Cos all I did was work work work work! Kg at one point of time told me to perhaps "reward' myself to view FB only after working hours. Ha that almost got me to reconsider haha. But I decided not to give in and continue on with it. I think it was almost 3 weeks already! Time flies huh? But the amount of work stress seem to be quite overwhelmed at times and last Friday I've decided is enough! I should take a half day break for myself to do what I like to do!

Talked about being a workaholic, I never felt good leaving my laptop behind on weekdays and always carried around. Yet i really needed a break! So I thought of a way, charged my laptop battery full and headed out without my powerpoint cables! I found a quiet Starbucks corner and did my work for another 3 hours or as long the battery could last me. Finally the battery died and that's when my real quiet time began.

It takes a lot of discipline to say NO to work and give yourself time off. No wonder they said Singaporeans does not have sufficient rest and sleep cos all we do is work work work. Another 3 hours passed quickly when I did my QT and I definitely felt more refreshed (+ with a cup of green tea soy latte)

Now what should I do next? Should i join church camp or should i head to Vietnam to visit a good friend of mine ? :)

The travelling bug is here again :))

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