Thursday, March 03, 2011


Blessing of the day: Is been a long time since i blog - work is like nv ending these days but however i think this year I shall do something different. Likely to stop taking new projects as I'll like to start something new or rather something that i have been putting one side for a very long time (almost 4 years) :) let's see how it goes... Positive Thinking Positive Attitude :)

 Recently Kg and I went for a blood test check up to check on our good and bad cholesterol level. The doc said I was in good shape so keep it up. On the other hand, Kg needed to re-examine his weight issue as his bad cholesterol is pretty high and the good one is pretty low.

So we've decided we will go for morning jogs from now. That means we will need to wake up at 6am to jog so that by 7am we can have breakfast and ready for work. Not sure how this plan will go but I decided to encourage him since he was rather depressed after what the doc said. It will mean we need to be discipline to be in bed early and no more late night OT (or watching korean dramas)! Looks like exercise once a week is not working for him and i guess we probably need to increase to 4 times a week or i think probably everyday. 

We can do all things through Christ who grants us strength! :)

2008 First Marathon / 2009 Second Marathon / Kg 2009 Second Marathon
He was not captured for his first marathon :P 

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