Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Taste Of Surreal Culinary Adventure with Bob Blumer

Blessings Of The Day: God is good. After 2 rejections, we finally won a project from a MNC this year! Unexpected as I didn't pray about it nor think about it. I now pray God to bless this project and the hands who worked on this project. Glory to Him.
Glutton For Pleasure - Gift from Bob Blumer 

I had another opportunity to meet celebrity chef Bob Blumer! Really unexpected because I just had a dinner with Samantha Brown! :) Really really excited. Thank you to Sllow my sister :)) He is really a creative chef and I have to admit some of his recipes really take too much efforts. Now i am not complaining since I get to sit down and eat the dinner all from his recipes! Let's roll...

For pre-dinner, Bob Blumer made us "work for our food" by shucking our oysters. I had to say is really interesting and proud with my "achievement" that I shucked a total of 5 oysters.

We even get to keep the TLC oyster knife too. (Unfortunately I have to throw away 1 day later when i discover rust on the knife. Hmmm)

Trio Oysters (Really have the ocean smell)
Finally shucked my first oyster! Took lotsa of strength!

Next we had this creamy lobster bisque. We ate like typical Singaporeans with our hand to dig out the yummy lobster from the pincer.

World's Deadliest Lobster Bisque - Smooth Lobster soup heightened with rich flavours
Stinging Nettle Ravioli - OUCH!

Next we had ang mo dumplings - Ravioli! I always hoped to make my own ravioli one day.  Yumm. Why "Ouch"? Apparently the key ingredients, Stinging Nettle is a herb that can cause severe rash if one just brush against it. However in US there is this crazy competition going on where people eat raw Stinging Nettle which of course Bob Blumer took part and was featured in the Glutton For Punishment show. Talk about Fear Factor. Haha. Thankfully all you have to do is to blanch this herb and together with nice cheese, you made very yummy ravioli! It taste like spinach. Oh not available in Singapore. So this herb flew in for this event from US!

I have to say this is my favourite dish so far. Beautiful savory cupcake! Baked salmon served Surreal Style. The pink "Frosting" is baked potatoes with beetroot coloring The baked salmon part tasted abit like Otah. Spicy. Nice. But seriously do I want to replicate this dish at home? Yeah why not - probably for a pot luck party. I will do mini ones :) Yum.

Flying Salmon Cupcakes
Lastly before the dinner end, I had the most interesting dessert!  Yakun should really consider serving this. But they probably going to charge like $20+++ per dessert haha.


Eggestential Eggs!
A refreshingly chilled dessert of white chocolate mousse & passionfruit! How do you do it?! Basically, cut the bottom of the egg, and clean and wash the egg. Pipe 1/3 with white chocolate mousse and pop in a frozen Passion Fruit Ball Puree and pipe in the remaining white choc mousse. Sealed it with White chocolate. Put in the freezer, at this point the passion fruit ball puree will melt and have no way to go because the mousse would have set in. :D To serve, just turn over the egg, and serve like a "normal half-boil egg" to your (un)suspicious guest! Will I make this? No! Hahaha.

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