Monday, January 24, 2011

Blessed Wedding Anniversary

Time flies. Yesterday we both celebrated our first year of wedding anniversary together.

Reflecting the past 1 year, we both concluded, we fought with each other harder than before and also love each other more.

New habits were formed, experiencing a new culture in our marital home for the first time. We are still adjusting and getting use to each other. We both have our weakness that makes the other party's blood boil and there are moments we both are touched by the simple gestures that the other party do for love.

What's our new goal in 2011? We've been a spouse centered spouse, focusing on each other only and even expecting more. This year we've both agreed, we should be a God-centered spouse. Putting God first in our lives, the home, work and everything.

May this year 2011 be a beautiful year for us as we look to God our source of strength and provider. 

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QQ said...

Cool! I like that...God-centered spouse =)