Saturday, November 26, 2011

High Tea

Blessings of the Day: His love is deep and His love is wide. There's a cross to bridge the great divide.

Recently I was in the mood of going for High Tea. I've been wanting to go for some nice place to chill out and hang out with my friends and just talk and sip eat hot scones, sandwiches and sip yummy coffee or tea. Weekends are usually out for me - either for ministry work or to accompany KG or family. Finally, I managed to find a day after the Girl's Brigade camp ended. The camp ended on Monday and i concluded i would be too tired to work on Tuesday and needed a few hours of "recovery" me time, i told my friends let's meet for high tea the next day. (It was as if my client knew my camp ends on Monday evening, I need to work on some ad-hoc tasks right after the camp. I was soooo exhausted!)

My 2 friends whom I was meeting were my secondary school classmates cum eca mates. The place shortlisted was Goodwood Park hotel and since they had chose the place, I had the opportunity to go for International Buffet Hi-Tea or Western Buffet Hi-Tea. I opted for the latter because I always get to eat International Buffet in any other meal times like Lunch and Dinner. And I was hungry for scones :)

The spread wasn't that fantastic but still I was excited as it was my very first hi-tea with friends. I was also quite hungry since I skipped lunch for the hi-tea @ 2pm. There were a finger food, sandwiches, canapes and etc. There were also a hot food session which were mainly fried food. Desserts includes chocolate fondue, cheese cakes, mousse cakes and crème brûlé. Fruits and Salads were served too. As you can see, this is a not a very big spread. The disappointing thing was the scones. The scones were so tough i think i can use it to kill a bird. Ok sorry really exaggerating. I think sufficient weight to knock a person out haha. The buffet includes 2 cups of beverages which i chose teas. The rose tea which I drank was extremely sour! But the camomile tea was so smooth and relaxing.  


While we were having hi-tea, there were this commotion behind us and we turned around and saw many girls wearing evening gowns. A closer look we realized these girls looked extremely young and some with ridiculous hair dos. That's when we realized, these girls were attending their school prom. We can't help but laughed how these girls probably age around 16 - 18 trying to look like 26 and 28 and here we were sitting here lamenting time flies since our secondary school days and we were all desperately trying to look young since we were approaching 30 in 2 years time. haha. 

Gosh.. Hi-tea, i can do this almost on a monthly basis. Haha. Ok call me a gluttony. I just want to eat yummy food :P

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Open Kitchen Concept said...

Shall we go for high tea together? Actually you havent been to Rose Veranda before right? That is also so-so like Goodwood Park (actually I thought Goodwood Park wasnt too bad.. but scones at Scotts 10 of course is MUCH better). I dont mind any place as long as you like it. We can go during church camp since both of us will not be at church camp :(