Friday, July 01, 2011

An Evening with Samantha Brown

Blessings of the Day: I get to meet a Samantha Brown hahaha :)) I have to blog about this!

Samantha Brown! Host of Passport to Europe, America and Great weekends! She's one my fav host to watch when comes to TLC channel.

When I first watched her host Amazing Homes, the background were pretty boring actually. But I continued watching because of her! Watching her displaying the different kind of expressions and experiences made it so real and you didn't feel it was scripted. (I cringed whenever a host presents when they looked like they memorized a whole chunk of words which didn't appeal to the audience at all! The saving grace was the beautiful place. ) However for her, it was the opposite! Yes granted they did show interesting things but seriously Samantha's personality stealed the whole show! I kept watching because of her! Finally when Passport to Europe and America rolled out, I was thrilled to see her again! She made me want to tour the 2 places even more!

It was thanks to my sister's wide network of contact, she told me she had a place for me to go have dinner with Samantha Brown! Of course I jumped at the opportunity! (Previously I lost a chance to meet David Rocco!)

The dinner was held at Grand Hyatt. On the same table, I got to meet many other people who worked with Ian Wright, Bobby Chin and etc TV personalities and even the creator of the TLC shows! Met more people who worked in Discovery! The whole time getting to know them and listening to firsthand stories was simply amazing for me. I wished I can change industry and join them! haha!

Dinner table. Each guest is given a red travel book. 

Lovely red roses as the table centerpiece

She is pretty and quite petite. Exactly same persona even when off screen..

We were presented a 8 course dinner featuring the countries that Samantha Brown visit for her Asia show. 

Here are my favourite dishes for the night...

From Bali - Hibiscus Flower Sherbert 
Very refreshing! 

From Singapore! Our Chilli Crab with Fried Bun
Our only complaint would be : Why only 1 bun?! 
*good job Hyatt!*

From Hong Kong - Crispy Noodle with Beef
The beef was so tender it simply just melt in your mouth!
Thumbs up for the beautiful veg rose :)

From Hong Kong - Mango Pudding & Macau - Egg Tart
Sweet Ending... finishing off with a cup of nice peppermint tea!

 I love the honey bottle! 

I am really happy now :)) This week was blue with work and stress and thank you to my sister!

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Open Kitchen Concept said...

OH.. I'm dying of envious now, Happy.. saw your facebook and I was thinking if SL wanted another sister.. LOL Glad you enjoyed yourself! I love that hibiscus sherbet!