Monday, March 14, 2011


Blessings of the Day: God gives me good and nice clients :)
After CNY, I embarked on a new project.  The project had been fun and enjoyable with lots of stress added to it due to the tight timeline given.

During the project progress, I would have to send updates to my client to update her the progress. Apparently due to the security issue, she couldn't view quite a number of my updates. I did not realize until the eleventh hour. All these time, I thought the website was down and that why she couldn't view the updates. Ah why must all the company blocked so many sites?!

So the crazy weekend rushing impossible timeline of 24 hours to get things done and waiting for revisions. More crazy when I had to go for drill com on Saturday which means I lost another precious day to work. While I was grumbling about the silly issue why all these time I should have realize the problem and I wouldn't have to rush through the crazy deadline. Despite my planning, all things went haywire.

I did eventually meet the timeline and even had time to make adjustments to make the work better. I am now tired and really grumpy.

But why am i blogging about this when i should be sleeping.

Well there were a minor hiccup, so while it is currently in progress doing some auto-resolving, I decided to blog about this. An sms came in and really made my day or my crazy weekend worthwhile.

"... Thanks for working along side. Nothing like a vendor but like a team. Thanks for making this journey not so lonely :P"

Awww, if only all my clients are like her. Appreciative, understanding (yes stressing me at times no doubt) but really genuine and nice clients to work with makes your efforts worthwhile to work hard for them.

Thank you God for granting me such clients. You are so good :)

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