Monday, August 15, 2011

Rants Works Works Works

Blessings of the Day: I still have God, Kg, my family and friends in my life.

I've been pretty stressed lately. Is like I've got alot of things to do and yet I can never finish them. I want to go for a break and have a relaxing trip. But so far I see is unlikely.

I want to go Vietnam to see my good friend Chi! I want to go to Alaska to see the beautiful glaciers and the northern dancing lights. I want to London to visit Jamie Oliver's resturant and get lots of nespressos capsules back. I want to go NY and Grand Canyon. I want to go Korea and shop till my heart content. I want to go Perth and hope to bring my mom along. I hope to even bring her to see Blue Mountains! 

Recently J got me a book when she came back from studies in Australia. This book teaches you how to pray by Dave Earley - "The 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible". One of my all time favourite prayers these days is "Grant Me Wisdom" - by King Solomon.  There are many more which I've been praying regularly - "Give me success today" - by Eliezer (the servant of Abraham), "Bless Me" - by Jacob (the story which me the deepest impression - wrestling with God)  and "Answer Me" - by Elijah.

I've to say all prayers are close to my heart. I've alot of things on my mind and I've been constantly bringing them to God. Sometime I do wish I can do nothing but pray all day long to talk to God.

I've been setting lots of expectations on myself and been also frustrated and fed up I couldn't even meet at least one :(


Okie on the lighter note, i am now using my new mac book pro loaded with Lion OS. So far things look ok except I miss a classic white mac book. Didn't really like the metallic feel of Mac Book Pro.

Enough of ranting...

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