Saturday, August 18, 2007

The depressed baker

Blessings of the Day: I managed to find some food in the end i had some left over chicken wings for on...

Sigh. Baking Bug had bitten me. Off i went to bake my favourite honey and banana bread. All went well intially till i notice something not quite right....

After baking... it does not resembled the beautiful caramelized banana honey bread that Jamie had made in his book. Mine look like pale pebbles. Worst.. I think pebbles look better than mine.

One word - Depressed. I am very depressed now. I didn't had any proper dinner and had to head for my class at 7pm. I thought the warm bread would serve nicely with a cup of milk and butter for supper. At 1.30am - the bread did not look promising at all.

After a taste test, i decided to ... discard everything before my family discouraged me from baking. Or worst, ban me from the kitchen. (that feeling is as good as taking the computer away from me) When my dad learnt i was going to bake bread - he PLEADED me not to do it. Come to think of it, my father never plead me. That shows how lousy my bread making skills are.

But i LOVE baking! Maybe is just the oven temperature (is getting old... 12 years old oven). Maybe i need that $400 kitchen baking mixer from LG.

I been buying things like
1) SpringForm Pan for making good cakes
2) Piping bag to make their beautiful icings on cupcakes or birthday intials for friends
3) Measuring Cup (save me from all those headache)
4) Parchment Paper for the cakes and cookies

but none of them help to aid my baking
1) The black forest cake baking was a disaster
2) The Meringue was a failure too
3) Now my honey and banana bread failed me too...

I am a depressed baker.... depressed depressed depressed....

I am determine to become a better baker. After driving lessons - next a baking lesson.

Before then, i will still want to perfect the best honey and banana bread in the world. Ok not in the world but in my home...

*stomach growl*


The aftermath..

Dad: Py, where is ur bread?

Py (mumbling): Eat finish..

Dad: Huh? You eat everything by urself?

Py (mumbling): yaya

Dad (obviously don't believe what i had just said) turned to ask the youngest: JY, did you eat Py's bread last night?

JY: No lar.. sleeping already.....

Dad (laugh loudly): HAHAHA Like real! She must had threw it away! HAHAHAHA

PY (run away) trying hard not to laugh...

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