Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 1 & 2 - Australia

Day 1 - Singapore - Australia, Sydney

We took a midnight flight. Exciting while lazing in Starbucks coffee den... our cg pop up from nowhere and gave a surprise send off :) Thanks folks you all are sweet... and in return we are getting honey for everyone. :)

Our flight was at 12.30am but we went in around 11.45pm or maybe early 12 midnight. After a funny send off, keegan and i went in to the customs and suddenly we were so lost. We didn't know what to do! Asking a nearby officer, how do we know which boarding gate are we supposed to go as our boarding pass did not state any number? She kindly showed us a TV screen right infront of us *we were so blind!* and we looked - SQ231 .. Boarding gate status: Last Call... HUH LAST CALL?! The officer just went "Oh dear.. u all better run... Gate 28 is pretty far! RUN!!!!"


After passing Boarding Gate 20... we looked up at the screen: WE GOT ANOTHER SCARE OF OUR LIVES!


WHAT?! WE RANNNNNNN UNTIL Keegan got leg cramps and my face was as pale as a white SHEET!!!!

When we reached boarding gate 28, we were soooo relieved.. GOT A SUPER long queue right outside the gate! Wah bian.... then my hands were shivering and legs turned like jelly! Keegan and i didn't talk to each other for like the next 30 minutes- just to catch our breath and recovering from our shock.

Even after the queue and getting all clear, we sat there for at least a good 15 minutes before we board the plane. What an exciting start off...

(Lesson Learnt: Plane won't take off especially your luggage had been checked in... they'll wait for you at least 30 minutes... which it did happen as there 2 no-show passengers...)

Day 2 On the plane - over the great dessert of Australia and touching down...

Beautiful sunrise. Sleepless night but thankfully with Krisflyer entertainment. Breakfast were so so only but we were already counting down to touch down Sydney. We did our quiet time on the plane (eh special leh =) )and then the moment we touched down. We loved the weather! 15 degrees celsius! A beautiful blue winter morning. We can't believe we were finally here after 3 months of waiting since we first bought our air tickets. Everything seem almost like a dream! But wow we were finally here!!!

Janet picked us up from the airport and wow! She was 5 months pregnant! And we swing to the domestic airport and picked up future lawyer, JOAN! That was so exciting especially we had not seen them for almost more than half a year. First stop we head to Sydney Fish market and got our fresh sashimi. Oh, you know I never have the courage to eat raw food. But funny enough, when i loooked at the fresh salmon - it looked really really good. And that when i gave in (to temptation) and had my first piece. Now I officially declared - I like to eat raw salomon *fresh ones pls :D)

Next we also head to Pastor's workplace where we picked him up and went to his place to drop our bags. Then after late lunch, we went around with Pastor driving us introducing the streets of Australia.

Peaceful and Quiet on a saturday afternoon. That was when I noticed myself kept dozing off - tired. We head to Pastor Paul's school and we were suddenly wide awake! Because his school resembled the Hogwarts Castle! haha. That where we snapped lots of photos :)

Back home, Keegan konked out at 9pm and followed by me and joan around 11pm. No dreams that night - one word "tired"

Love Sydney!

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weiggy said...

oh man!! i didn't know you guys went in so late.. man! guess you guys really got a scare. i would too lor!!! scary!!

glad you guys made it! =) and brought back so much photos and stories to tell! >_<