Saturday, December 08, 2007

Finishing Well for Year 2007 - Part 1

Counting down 23 days more to 2008.

Will be looking forward to accomplish a few more things before the Year 2007 whizzed by...

- Final ECA for the PHP module in 21st December
- Completion of 2 projects by Mid December and Last week of December
- Completion of the long long procastinated work by December
- Re-launch a new look for our website by 1st of Jan
- Re-launch a new look for my BlessedHaven by 1st of Jan
- Setting a time aside to reflect my life my business my studies my walk with God my relationships and more...

Results are going to release on the 21st December. *nervous*

Blessings of The Day: We recieved great reviews on our project. Am really thankful for the wonderful group I had work with in this semester. Working with them was really fun, enjoyable and fruitful.

We are doing more editing before we submit this project for the Canon short film competition as the requirements are within 3 minutes.

which stands for Black and White

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