Saturday, September 15, 2007

Take one day at a time

Blessings of the Day: Found a good website with 3 choices of online radio that broadcast Christian music from Australia. Check them out at

Short Talk: Facebook is the recent new addiction.

Lately been quite busy with school work. Work had also became quite busy and kind of too much for us to handle that I had to stop getting new projects otherwise it would be too overwhealming for me to handle. At the same time, I also tend to get worried WHAT IF there are no new projects coming in? Sigh too greedy of me. I can't handle such a big portions and yet want more food on my plate. Later suffocate or suffer indigestion...

Talking about indigestion ... Keegan wants us to eat healthily because he wants the both of us to live longer and enjoy life with each other. *haha*

Which i think it helps... because I seem to have become younger. :)

BUT occasionally i STILL want to eat some nice doughnuts. Oh they smell like Krispy Kreme also... but sad to say they taste so so ... I must find time to try the ones at Raffles City *determined*

Back to studies... I am kind of sad to learn our usual study place is no longer available. We are like two homeless kids. Library is out as we will never be able to get seats there unless we arrived there before the library opens which is insane by the way! Students queued up 1/2 hour before the library opened.

A course had been offered by the school and the good news is free as it is a pilot run by uniSIM and OUUK. I am taking it up which means I had extra module to take care next month October till Decemeber. I hoped I am able to manage this extra work load. It is on web-based applications learning PHP and MYSQL which is perfectly what I always wanted to learn. Had attempted to try it a few times on myself and borrow books from library to study them. Which of course it didn't work. Why? First I procastinate too much and end up worst.. incurred library fines as the books were sitting under the bed and I totally forgot about them. Hopefully I am able to clear the course and get the certification. Time management. This is so challenging. The consolation is the skills I learned are not going to waste because it pefectly fit my job.

The audio and video classes had been quite fun and tedious. It is a low-morale time for me as it is on Friday which means I had missed out the good things happening on Friday. Thankfully the instructors were fun and there were plenty of hands on. My group members were excited about the new idea and we just hope we are able to produce the kind of video and achieve the effect of what had been dicusssed on paper. One of the team members challenged us to work on this video and submit for competition which is next year Jan. I really find it a great motivation because we are not doing it just for grades but for ourselves. This group is indeed very interesting. *haha*

Busy is one word i want to sum up for this entry. But I will learn and remember to:

Take one day at a time - Matthew 6:34

Thank you Jesus! That a good reminder :)

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