Thursday, December 27, 2007

Finishing Well for Year 2007 - Part 2: My Dream has Return

Blessings of the Day: Wow I am so thankful and I give glory to God. I've got back my results =) It is all good and GPA went up!! Praise God for his wonderful providence and the wisdom that He grant me. It was surely Him watching over me. =)

Let's rewind time back to Yes 2 years ago 2005

24th Feb 2005
1) The worst day of my life
2) Jehovah Jireh

24th April 2005
The Thin Envelope

It is very amazing when I search at the past articles the one that I jot down the past journey and thoughts of hoping to entering NUS.

The disappointment of missing the deadline to apply, the hope for able to apply despite missing the deadline and again the disappointment of being rejected. The ups and downs. From then on, I felt that the door were literally close and was not meant for me.

UniSIM opened up and I entered in and 2 years had passed. Never cross my mind that the joint program would open up and was given a chance to study in NUS for 1 semester. Do you know that history repeats itself when I tried to apply for NUS non graduating program? Horrible me.. i think i am so good at missing deadlines! About 2 months ago, UniSIM called me up and told me that they had not recieved the documents from me. The problem started because I had emailed them via my personal email account but instead they had emailed to my school email account thus I missed the deadline of submitting the documents. They gave me 1 day grace to prepare everything. Then more trouble came, I couldn't access my school email (i FORGOT my password!) to retrieve my documents and thus I cannot SUBMIT at all! My heart literally dropped and I thought forget it man. I missed the chance anyway before, so be it. By God's grace, UniSIM was super patient with me (very unsual), and gave me another 1 day grace. The whole school was waiting for me to submit ONLY. I was the problematic student who was 2 days late! I just can't stop grinning whenever I looked back. Haha.

After the submission was a success, NUS contacted me saying: "Your documents are not correct". I was really really fed up and thinking: I just want to study! Why can't you let me get in ?! Again I was given till to the end of October to submit. Being very last minute and also very busy @ work, I was super desperate on the last day because I need to go to the bank to get an authorized statement. MORE trouble was brewing away: The bank reply - "We need 1 Day to process." ONE DAY?! I have no MORE DAY to apply lar! Today was the last day!!! I nearly wanted to cry cos I really thought NUS hates me to core and never like me. Giving up hope...I wanted to really bang my head and cry, and you know what? The end of October is 31st not 30th. I had actually thought the deadline was 30th. I felt so unbelievable! Wasting NO MORE TIME, I rushed down to the bank and got it settled. By 31st October which was the actual deadline, I reached NUS and submit my application. Going to NUS was also another trouble cos I lost my way TWICE! I seriously think should I still study in NUS anot?!

10th Decemeber 2007
The mail came. Thick Envelope. I smiled =) I knew I had got it through. I opened up the envelope. I know was not the usual envelope that a fresh grad would recieve in their mail. Mine was probably thinner than them. But who cares? I got in. I got to study for 1 semester. So what is 1 semester? It is a dream that come true to me in another way. I am doing NUS next year for 1 semester for my electives. After 2 rejections, for the prayer, God gave me 1 semester in NUS. He answered 4 years later.

We often asked God why didn't you answer my prayer? Do you know how much those prayers means to us? But have you wondered for every unanswered prayer, a bigger and better plan is on its way to prosper you even more? Because our God is good and He plans to give us a hope and a future.

God's ways are better than man's ways. His thoughts are higher than your thoughts.

May my story of dream be an encouragement to all my friends.

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