Monday, June 25, 2007


Blessings of the day: We finished the impossible task - a project that will take at least 3 working weeks to 4 working weeks. Keegan and I did the job in less than 1.5 weeks time. Really thankful that we worked together as a team. Oh Yes, thanks to Ray so sweet for helping me to paste the CD stickers :)

Last 2 Saturdays - two parties! :) Fun Fun Fun Fun

1) Keegan's Surprise Belated Birthday Party

Pre-booked everyone on 2 Saturdays ago, the plan took me 1 month to plan. In the midst of my exams preparation, Keegan and I almost "killed" each other off. A few times the plan was almost discovered by him accidentally. I had to find some other reasons to distract him. As a result, there were so many misunderstandings - luckily each argument managed to close well *finishing well lol * The results: Keegan was unexpected and he did think i was up to something. He was thinking that I was setting a candle light dinner for him. *faint* of course not! What was he thinking? Keegan told me: I want to cry.. but i am a man.. cannot cry ...

Great my plan was succeeded!

2) Family BBQ

This BBQ is to celebrate belated Father's Day, belated birthdays of - my sister and brother in law.

I like this round of BBQ. The selection of food was yummy and very fun to prepare. There were a few glitches here and there. Guess what my mom actually went to East Coast and "chop" the nearest shelter from our BBQ - 12 noon. Every 15 minutes to 20 minutes, a phone call would ring and often hurried me and my sisters to prepare faster and come down! :( We were so upset with her and nearly want to snap at her. To make matter worse, my kitchen pipes were choked.. and my kitchen was flooded :( The plumber came in at 4pm and managed to fix it in an hour time. After cleaning up, we finally head down to East Coast.

OH yes, I must congratulate myself - i can now set up a decent bbq fire now! Hurray!

My sister special new recipe - lemon grass chilli bbq wings - and i am sad... cos i didnt had a chance to eat!!!! ROOOOAAAARRRR

We prepared kimchee prime ribs... oh man i must really say - they are sooo juicy - finger licking good! I love the burnt part of the prime ribs! My sister really did a fantastic job! I am gonna cooked more of that ribs in future :)

Aspragus wrapped with bacon streaks were mine creation. Nice right? It beautified our bbq instantly. WAHAHAHA. Of course it taste good lar. Didn't you know Aspragus and bacons are best friends? Of course with a streak of fresh herbs like rosemary !!! The wrapped aluminium foil is bbq salmon with fresh herbs like rosemary and dill drizzled lots with black pepper, salt and olive oil. I heart heart heart salmon :) Plus a couple of few pork chops :D

OH yes, what is bbq without otah and satay? Those round stuffs are portobello mushrooms with garlic, butter and of course herbs..

Finally the Happy Family Shot :)

P/S: Pink makes me fat. Sigh why did I buy that pink polo shirt ? :( why am i slouching in the photo too?! :(


weiggy said...

yes! me the first to leave comment!! the food looks so mouth watering.. esp noW! when i'm hungry!!! at the wee hours of the morning.. can't believe what an IT person i became.. stayed up to blog??!

anyway, thanks for the nice photos and sharing... =) i should have been there!

Peiying said...

ya! we should have a bbq :) let's have a our own private bbq? hahaha then the guys can't fight for food .. girls outing hor? hehehehe :)