Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Happy & Terrible Day

Blessings of the Day: Kg's grandpa accepted Christ on the 21st April 2007, Saturday. Tears of joy ... rejoice and praise God whom all blessings flow! =) God works in ways that you never see. God's hands just move and with the strong support from brothers and sisters in Christ who form God's army just marched in with prayers support. The deep desires of our heart that wants our loved ones to know and experience God's love will only please God and the more the Lord will answers our prayer requests - is just a matter of time.. His time especially. So don't lose your faith... continue to pray for the salvation of your family members who have not tasted God's love. I am sure God will move and break away the hardened heart and melt it with His tender love. Trust in HIM. For nothing is impossible with God! - Luke 1:37 Amen!

Let me blog!
Let me rant!
Let me share my terrible/happy day!
*sing to the tune of "Be My Guest" ~ from Beauty and the Beast*

Before i zoom off to complete my next to-do-list ... let me let me blog

Today is a happy and terrible day... I shall share the terrible part first even though during the day, the happy news came in first.

Today this afternoon, I've recieved the most insulting email from my client. I can't believe it. I just feel so lousy and down. I simply do not understand why she have to write such blunt and insensitive email. No matter how terrible my work is, I just couldn't understand that saying such words is not going to be helpful! =( Having said that, I asked Keegan angrily, is my work that terrible? Has my standard drop? I produced a total of 8 templates for her! Yes you hear me right, 8 templates! Tell me which company so nice and patient to produce 8 templates?? That me :( Keegan reassured me saying that my work standard has not dropped and the problem lies with the client. He told me to be patient and do my work as I am serving the Lord. *Sigh... what to do? I am just so fed up with her... God help me! =(

On the happy note, I recieved our group assignment results back. Hurray! We got an A for this project =) "A" my precious A... after many hours of working through this project with my team mates.. we managed an A! =) =) =) My individual reflective report was also well recieved by my lecturer. Thank God and Praise God =)

Life been tough but yet fruitful. I shall persevere on and with God I know nothing is impossible with Him!

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