Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Keep me Faithful, keep me Grateful

I am feeling very troubled and frustrated over a friend. =(

Pardon and allow me to rant this out because i feeling so sad ... even though I know she will never come across my blog ...

"C, I know you are going through a tough time. I will pray that God will help you and J to move on. The shock and disappointments that I just learnt was painful for me and more even for you and him but God reminded me that humans are not perfect and everyone made mistakes. I will pray for you my friend. May God help you to learn how to treasure the ones who truly love you."

Why did this ever happen in the first place? God knows...


I was having dinner in Compass Point and I saw someone that startled me. An old aunty was sitting opposite me. Her side view and back view resembles my late grandma. I was shocked again when I look at her face to face more closely, the whole facial expression & behaviour look so much like her... I got abit of emotional. Thinking I might be over-reacting, I asked Keegan his thoughts. His reply: "Oh! She does look like grandma!" My heart sank... I realize I missed her alot. Dinner was a quiet affair for me that evening. Sigh


I can't think of Blessings of the day initally when i begin my entry... but ... but when I reflect my quiet time with God... he show me Romans 1:8-17. Perhaps let me end of my entry by reflecting on this...

Keep me faithful, keep me grateful,
This my earnest plea each day!
Keep me serving, keep me telling
Of His love while yet I may! —Thiesen

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