Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finally Completed!

Quick! Congrat me.. i finish my TMA!

1) 4 days to compile a 46 pages group report
2) 5 hours to do a 6 month gantt chart + 2 more hours of redo as my gantt chart were corrupted *oh well*
3) 2 hours to complete a 800 words reflective report *woot*

Best thing that ever happen.. slept at 4.30am and still tahan till the following day midnight.. am I Xena or what?

Ok ok..I am just in my usual crapping mode - But Let ME THANK GOD!

Blessings of the Day: I completed my assignment and is because (drumroll) I still remember to do my quiet time even though i super busy! Thank YOU Keegan for reminding me! It really shows that even though you are busy with work and studies until you can't breathe - the more you should spent time cos God will carry you through the difficult times and hours of your life - example .. completing TMA due tomorrow!

One more TMA to go.. Wednesday... oh well .. My Lord being my helper!

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