Friday, April 06, 2007

+ Good Friday +

Blessings of the Day: I thank God my Father who love me and die for me on the cross! Let us ponder and stand amaze dwelling in God's love.

Here are some fun shots I had taken for the past 2 days... The eve of Good Friday... Rachel brought Oakley to visit me and I brought her to play my playground!

Then the next morning during service, I saw this adorable girl that go "yada yada" during service. During prayer, the Pastor prayed this - "Our Father has redeemed us and He love us" - this girl went "yayaya!"

When the service ended..Grace and I spot this stone sculpture and we go "hey! Looks good.. let's take a picture!" Then 4 of us scrambled there ... nice right? hahaha

After lunch, we went to visit Baby Seth - the 2nd child of Jasmine =) Seth looks adorable when he is sleeping but apparently aunty Shimin say .. Seth very fierce! hehe...

Lastly before I head for my project meeting, Keegan and I saw our flats in construction... view from Punggol LRT Station =)



QQ said...

we were suppose to retake that photo....*grumbles* =s

QQ said...

we were suppose to retake that photo...*grumbles* =s

Peiying said...

oh ya hor.. why we nv retake huh.. cannot call disi take photo next time.. hur hur