Thursday, October 16, 2008

The "Rehearsal"

I felt I was going through a rehearsal - I wasn't expecting since it was a direct honours program.




My parents were proud of me that I had finally grown up *smile*

Strangely enough, in the midst of the joy.... or maybe after they went home first leaving me and kg behind to take more photos... my heart was thinking of something else instead. What i really want them to see is how Christ's love had touched my life all these years. My desires to share the Christ love is equally as how much I desired to earn my degree to make them proud. Maybe more. Today in my heart just ring these words...I wanted very much to tell them:

God loves you too.

Thanks Dad and Mom - I will work hard for my final year and most importantly I'll pray that God's love will come into your lives. I pray your hearts will be touched just like how God touched my life 9 years ago. Just had how God open this door to me return to studies. I know one day God will open your doors for me to share the love of Christ to you!

study hard = work hard = pray hard

next year Oct 2009 - Here i come again

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