Sunday, January 20, 2008

2008 - A New Beginning

Blessings of the Day: We completed 2 projects this month and close one project. Praise the Lord.
Finally after 20 days of trying and redesigning - here is the newly designed blogskin I had finally attempted. The flash above seem to hang :( hmm dunno if is due to blogger but nevertheless i am quite pleased with what I had done.

I hope this year 2008 i can pen down more thoughts - more on my spirtual walk with God, food - places i eat and things that i experiment, studies and work.

2008 started well but lately things had not been quite smooth again. But I will continue to trust in the Lord even more than ever. With 18 assignments and 2 exams plus my work and plus my ministry and included to spent quality time with my family and love ones - it is going to be very tough. Officially I hit mid 20s this July. It struck me how time flies and I want to make use of my time even more to be fruitful and stop wasting my time on other things. Most importantly I want to learn to be contented of what I have now. Reflecting on 2007 - the Lord had been gracious and bless me abundantly. I sometime realize I had poor stewardship of the things and time I had on my hands. This is surely one aspect I want to work even harder than before.

Moving forward - I want to begin well and finish well. I know the Lord is watching over me and will continue to guide me in all the things I do. Moving on, the many new challenges and obstacles are waiting for me to overcome. May the Lord be my helper and grant me the wisdom.

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