Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten Things I Love to Do

I just saw this @ OpenKitchenConcept's blog :)  Oh ... 10 things is too little :P

#1 - Baking
I don't know why I like to bake so much as compared to cooking. I think baking is like magic :) I like cakes, brownies, tarts, cookies and many more that requires baking :D

#2 - Cycling
I still can't drive yet so I cycle. I remembered I learned cycling by myself! Relying on the extra 2 wheesl at the back, I cycled till they both dropped off without me realizing it and I could cycle after that!  Amazing!

#3 - Reading
I like to read but of course not every genre. But if i picked up something I like to read, I can't put it down until I finish reading it. :P

#4 -Walking/Exploring
I like to walk around and explore different places. It doesn't have to be out of Singapore. I like the fact once I am in an unfamiliar environment, my mind will start to absorb the things I see. Almost like a sponge I often desire to discover new things.

#5 - Sitting in a quiet cafe
I like to sit in a cafe and drink coffee/tea and just stoned there and start to day dream or doodling on my sketch book or even reading book or reflecting God's word. I often tried to do this at least once a year (e.g on my birthday). Oh the cafe must be quiet (that's on weekdays i guessed and probably like not a town area)

#6 -  Going to a beach/seaside
I think there is something comforting and soothing when you hear the sounds of waves and having your feet touched the sand (though Sg sand is not very clean in the first place). I am bless that I am just about 15 mins away from the punggol jetty and beach though my view is not very fantastic. Sitting there and closed your eyes and listen to the waves, this is such a wonderful time to renew your mind and connect to God.

#7 - Looking Good
I love to wear nice clothes that makes me look good :P hahahaahahahahaa YET I am quite a lazy girl who really can't be bothered to make myself look good.  I wish the world is made up of t-shirt & shorts and does not require make up or anything. Hahahahahahahaha So contradicting.

#8 -  Spending time with family
I think as I grow older, spending time with family is becoming a big priority in my life. No matter how busy and tired you are, spending time with family is priceless. During the teenage years, I was quite adventurous (nice word to replace rebellious) and explored different things when my family was strict with my movements. Yet because of that, I've also come to realize how wonderful my family members are. I am thankful at least I didn't have to hit a very hard roadblock to learn this truth.

#9 - The Work
Am glad that I have this opportunity to do what I enjoyed doing and the journey have been amazing and I am enjoying every moment of it.

#10 - To eat all kinds of yummy food without putting on weight.


I was told to pass this on. So the next folks will be - plus1, patty, tootie, weiggy, qq and kg

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Open Kitchen Concept said...

hey... :) We have many things in common that we like - eating and baking! And hopefully, a trip to the nursery will add a new one - gardening!