Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A New Pair of Shoes - For The accident prone me !

Blessings of the Day: Good & Ultra Understanding Clients are hard to come by. Gotta treasure them!

Work has been crazy for the past 2 months judging by the not so frequent updates. Desperately really wish I can find time to go somewhere quiet and stone. To find time to do nothing is a luxury.

This October, I've to clear the project deadlines. There are no allowance and this is it. I am praying for good discipline and good plan of time that is in my hands. If I can, I hope to sleep early and rise early. So far the battle between me and alarm clock - oh let's not talk about it.

Despite the busy schedule, when you have nice and understanding clients, it somehow make your work load much more easier to handle. After rushing through all the research and came up with something that finally put smiles on their faces were priceless.

I stood up, shook their hands and turned and *crack* Uh Oh.... I looked down and I couldn't believed what I just saw - my new heels broke. In fact that was the first time I saw it LIVE because for me heels broke on TV screens! It was such an ironic scene because my client sells shoes!

My clients were shocked and kindly brought me a pair of new shoes .. free of course. I was grateful and really embarrassed at that time. 

Look like I should just buy a pair of flats ( the roll up type) and put in my bag just in case another accident!


Open Kitchen Concept said...

I love this pair of shoes!

chao mian said...

Roll up and keep in your bag? That's pretty cute...