Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shd i join? (Or rather Shd i get?)

Browse and saw iPhone Developer Program. In the past, my poly final year project was to develop games app for Nokia phones. Maybe now is the time to venture into this area since the whole world is on iPhone. Haha.

PY: I need to get an iPhone NOW

KG: Why you need that ? Your Samsung is working.

PY: I am going to develop cool apps on iPhone.

KG: You're just finding an excuse to get an iPhone.

PY: Exactly, else when can i find another perfect excuse to buy iPhone.

I got a C+ by the way for the final year project. Because there were countless alot of bugs. hehe

Above conversation was just fictitious but in anyhow it might just come true becos i could almost picture him saying that anyway.

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Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hey... WAIIIITTTTTT.... iPhone 4G is outttttt!!!! You so should design games.. I give u the idea and u develop! Then we can earn money together... LOL