Thursday, April 22, 2010

Returning Home

Kg's reservist allowed me to return back to my own home. I was excited initially as i was looking  forward to spend time with my 2 sisters and my mom. Monday came and as I was about to return home, Kg called me and said he was going to book out that night and thus returning home. So i was quite disappointed that I was on "recall".

Tuesday came and Kg ensured he was not out and thus happily I packed my stuffs. As I packed, i started to "regret" as I need to pack quite number of things. Clothes, laptop, wires, hdd, basically u know the things i need to survive for the entire of the next day. By the time I felt i was carrying a huge tortoise shell out of the house.

When i reached my mom's place, i was greeted with the familiar smell of the food she cooked. I could also tell she was really happy that i was around. I too on the other hand was glad to spend time with my sisters. Though we didn't really talk much that night as all of us were quite busy in our own world, I kind of enjoy sitting there with them. Though it was almost close to 3 months since I left home, everything still felt as if I never left. But still there was this tiny feeling that it was different from my own place.

Punggol is a quiet place where you can hear nature (aka toads) and in amk you hear roarring (pple and cars). In the beginning, I couldn't get use to the new home but now in AMK home, i realize everything is so different. 

That night i slept in my parents' room as my dad was away for overseas work (else i was to sleep in sleeping bag that night), my mom was grumbling the whole night to me. She complained my dad and my brother and occasionally the sisters as well.

It was familiar but yet it was kind of upsetting. I didn't felt peace in the house for the very first time. Everyone seems to be burdened by something heavy.

After this trip back home, I realize I really need to pray for my family daily and diligently. Praying for peace to dwell in the house and more important in everyone's heart.  Father, be with my family members because You are really needed in their lives.

I thank God for this family and really I pray for the day to come to see my whole family coming to know who God is.


7 said...

Ey new layout is nice! :D Come back home often for dinner okay? :) ♥

weiggy said...

hey py, sorry lost touch with your blog for so long and it became so nice! gosh... :) talk soon :D