Friday, April 30, 2010

Eye Eye Aizzzz

Today i realize my eyes sight seemed to have deteriorate. This morning as i sat in the cafe waiting for my client, i stared at my laptop very closely. As i attempted to move my eyes approximate 1 arm length away from the screen, I realized the screen looked blur and i had to squint a few times. hmmmm.

Should i consider lasik? That will mean i need to fork out another $2k again. *sob gone my camera + other things*

First get rid of the bad habit of sitting so close to the screen. Is time to check my eyes and get new pair of funky glasses :P


Open Kitchen Concept said...

If you go lasik I go with you... My eye sight also getting worse.. *groan*

Sing Praise!!! said...

Haha...i still think i look more "studious" with my specs on...hahaha