Thursday, August 20, 2009

HappyWhitsun Home - Ep 2 "(Dream) Furnitures wanted"

Blessings of the day: Well the renovation is completed and i still have not jot down what was the process! *Goodness* But Praise God for the work completed =)
Our furnitures hunting also brings a lot of fond memories :P and also it were also one of the many blessings that both families had given to us =)

When the home was designed with the following colour scheme, our ID told us to get the following

Living Room: White TV console, White Sofa, White Table, White Dining Table, White Chairs

Note: Shoe cabinet built in is WHITE.

Summary: Get all WHITE furnitures for the living room...

so cute! Can match my sofa :P

Kitchen: Don't mention - is white again but we can be adventure with our colours but still get white or steel colours for oven, hob and hood, and sink and fridge. If can get white, why not? But seriously i think there is too much white now in our home.

White Oven IS Not Practical

Lovely! White kitchen is the BEST and will make small kitchen looks big especially for Punggol home like ours .. space is a limitation!

my our dream kitchen also came from my our fav blogger - Chubby Hubby's Kitchen

Did ME we spent the most of our budget in the kitchen? no lar... of course

The Starbucks AKA Study room: I am inspired by when I flipped through the magazines, i saw this beautiful home office by this ang mo who lived in a HDB 4 room flat too. It just looked amazing and i want to follow: white shelves with colour books *opps white again*, beautiful beige wooden study table facing the window! I loved it i want to had the look too! Forgot to take that photo but looking at this - i think is beautiful too..

Don't you feel like working from home every day and spent ur weekend afternoons here reading a good book and drink coffee *ahhhh*

But because my ID chose green, we decided to change to dark rich brown wood colour to compliment the green walls. Hence the name starbucks room. It just need an expresso machine now to complete the whole cafe (anyone like to sponsor .... me?) hahaha

My MIL Room: Well she chose pink , and so is simple - white furnitures again! White wardrobe! hahaa

Our MBR: This time a slight change, except for the white wardrobe again, we are opting for black colour bed frame which is perfect for the dark grey walls. It will suit beautifully and posh and elegant hahaa.

If only.. is that huge in real life... hahaha :P

Next coming up - the actual furniture... !

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