Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dream Car

I think it is pretty pressurizing to go through the D-Test than spending money to buy your dream car. Changing subject I like to dwell the thought I am given a FREE chance to drive such car after I get my license!

I fell in love ever since this car first rolled out in Year 1996 or 1995. It was like my dream car! It was also ever since this car appeared, I've only like SMALL cars! I am only interested in SMALL CARS!

My first dream car must be RED - it doesn't need to be first hand :P

I like cooper for some reason! It just spells stable to me :)

The next car that caught my attention

i know i know not practical right?


Our next vehicle will be this :)

Is the most ideal :D - can put bicyles, can take lotsa of things and i can go BBQ anytime! *Yippee!*

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