Thursday, July 23, 2009

26 Years!

What does 26 means to me?

  • Is time to be more mature than yesterday
  • Is time to be prepared to be more mature tomorrow
  • Is time to grow taller (i know i passed puberty way long ago but i just want another 2 more cm! OK i can always replace with heels)
  • Is time to learn more things and equip myself even more
  • Is time to plan my next 5 years plan and next 10 years plan
  • I am moving on to my next phase of my life
  • I can no longer play like as if i am 16 years old (actually 16 years old having O Levels, so where got time to play?)
  • So i shall continue to play till next year Jan
1/4 of my life + 1 year had passed me by. I'll have another at least half of my life time ahead of me (if by God's grace). This year, it somehow became rather solemn. It is like almost i wished i had never grow up. The amount of stress and responsibility can be rather daunting at times.

However every year i am thankful my birthday fall in the month of July. It gives me a new opportunity to reflect and catch up whatever I had not achieved for the past 6 months, reminding me I still have time to catch up in the next 5-6 months.

This year birthday, I pray the Lord continued to lead me and guide me in His path. That He will continue to grant me the wisdom and courage that I very much needed as I grow in - my career, my family, my marriage and my walk with Him. God is good.

Blessed Birthday Hap(py)