Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Power of Procastination

Seriously, have you ever realize, the longer you procrastinate the worst things will turn out? It doesn't just affect yourself .. you affect EVERYONE *guilty sigh*

Why must I procrastinate?

Why do I always procrastinate?

What kind of benefits do I get from procrastination?

Ans = Nothing get done

Distractions identified: Facebook, Singapore Brides and Punggol Forum

These needs to get out of my E-world for awhile... perhaps closing the account might help and provide short term solution. The time spent might be better off reading and doing my literature review.

Oh come on Hap(py) - stop procrastinating!!!!!!

Putting Off Procrastination
What important thing have you been putting off?
When will you do it?
__ Check here when done.

One of Satan's most effective "wiles" is "wait awhile."

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