Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am not dreaming!

I know i am nuts but I can't believe it! He is coming to SINGAPORE next month!

David Rocco!!!

Aside Jamie Oliver, he is one true Italian chef who cooks really good stuffs ( i mean based on what i see on the TV lar, the food looks good and look @ his wife! She is so gorgeous! Oh no do i sound like a stalker now??)

He is coming to Singapore and attending the World Gourmet Summit 2009 and will be holding 1 workshop and another dining event. Seriously, I want to attend (not both though.. is expensive!) Hello! How often do you have these celebrity chefs from Travel & Living jumping out of the TV box and now you can talk Italian(food) with a chef! Oh my Goodness! I am MAD!

He is conducting 2 events, need to call up tomorrow the first thing and confirm which one is he cooking so I can eat!

AHH I CAN'T BELIEVE! He is coming to SG!!!!

Another celebrity chef is coming but hmmmm not a fan ... but David Rocco ... yes yes yes yes... mmmm....

No silly, i am not thinking of kissing him... I want the food only! Dolce Vita!

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