Saturday, November 01, 2008

Outsource SAF?

haha this was really funny and it woke me up while doing my research on Singapore globalization:

A Singaporean soldier was sent to Nepal to train with the Gurkhas to be paratroopers. One the first day of training, the instructor asked the Gurkhas and the Singaporean for volunteers to jump out of the plane. No Gurkhas put up their hands to volunteer. The Singaporean found it strange. These were the Gurkhas whose bravery were legendary and yet they didn’t dare to parachute out of a plane. The Singaporean thus decided to volunteer. The instructor seeing the Singaporean’s hand raised asked for more volunteers. Slowly, hesitantly, a few other Gurkhas raised their hands.The instructor was satisfied.

He then took out a parachute and said, “Each of you will be jumping out of the plane with this parachute”.

Oh…we can use parachute, ” the Gurkhas started whispering among themselves.

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