Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Grace was Needed Earlier

On Sunday evening 7.30pm, he called me and told me he couldn't do it anymore.

Seriously I was very upset and of course I knew I could no longer depend on him. No point mopping or no point saying anything more. I took over the project. It took me around 10 hours to finish up the remaining 80% of his work and met the deadline on Monday afternoon.

This incident had brought back memories when I was staggering a full time job and while doing a free-lance project. I remembered most of my weekends and nights were burned off due to extra projects taken up. My social life was affected but not severely. Most importantly the amount of time to sleep was affected. But it was ok - yes I complained and grumbled. But I knew I was doing for a reason to fulfill my dream.

He was introduced by an ex-colleague of mine. He had been a great help and in fact it was a fantastic job done. I had expressed my deepest appreciation and often praised him and encouraged him. The way I handled him, frankly speaking Kg wasn't at least impressed with what I was doing. He felt I should have been stricter. I said - "Kg, he did a good job. I was strict and kind - i knew i was. When he had done right, i will praise him. When he done wrong, i will have to rebuke him. "

The 3rd and also the last project was the one that I witnessed the downturn of his attitude - which I had no idea why this was so. No reply and I often had to chase him down just to get the update of the job status. I was worried and frankly the darkest fear was He might just play me out anytime was hovering in my mind driving me nuts for weeks!

I had been praying for someone who can help me on a long term basis or better still established a good partnership so that I could recruit full time once I had stabilized. I was tapping on these part time folks to see their skills, job attitude and the character. I needed someone whom I could trust and work with. I wondered if I had expected too much. After all a free lancer don't get a lot of benefits isn't? I knew where he was coming from as I had been through that path before. But because a free lancer worked at his own flexible timing, that wasn't much you could control how this person work and perform. I had finally understood why some of the clients immediately rejected me upon learning I was a free lancer. I didn't understand why then. Now facing with this group of people, I had just to pray and God to point the right person to me whom I could trust.

Blessings of the Day
Grace was needed much earlier. Now moving forward, grace was needed even more from God. Wisdom too. In all circumstances, I had learnt to see His counsel and to walk in His direction not mine. I was glad my prayer was answered. The project was back on the timeline again.

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