Sunday, October 12, 2008

Multiple Thoughts

Blessings of the Day

(1) A wonderful retreat - I heart all my sisters.
(2) A wonderful reward - my tutorial teacher wrote me an encouraging card on my papers done so far and I was really thankful despite of the last min preparation each time i had to cramp through my reports.
(3) A wonderful LOVE - the Love of God never fails me. I need the grace ever more to go though this period. Thank you Father.

Am Feeling Currently:

Being emotional doesn't mean is all the negative thoughts and mood. It is a mixture of consists the good ones and bad ones. Thankfully the good ones are more than the bad ones.


But however when i let worries dwell too much, sometime the elements of worried can actually be more than the good ones which mine looked like this:

= + + + +

They said that 3 good moods can remove 1 mini bad mood...

which left me with :

= + + +

That's why I said i am emotional.

I need the grace grace grace ever more from God!

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