Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

It's been a stressful period (again). Many things are going like roller coaster everyday. I desired for a break but it seem quite impossible these days.

Today QT reminded me that actually I hadn't been quite contented with the things I have. Which can be quite a stumbling for me. I need to learn to be contented.

Studies is commencing in end of July. Is the final lap for me! 12 more months. I need to work on the thesis and the final module. The final module I had chosen was something that many people against. It is non IT module. It touches on media communications. Which means there are many chapters need to memorize and can test on my brain cells. I did contemplate to pay extra $52.50 to switch the module to another one. I am confident I can get a good grade for that module if I switched but what stopped me was the knowledge in that module will not have any use for me. I weigh the difference for getting an A for a module which cannot bring any good knowledge and compared to module maybe B or C+ but allows me to understand the media industry and brush up on my writing which can in turn benefit my thesis since i am expected to write a very long report.

Work had been pretty tough. I wish I have a longer break from studies before i started to play juggling again. I hope to close 2 end of the month. By God's help! Yes i can do it :) I am praying for creativity, wisdom and good management for handling the new accounts and existing ones. Today I want to announce that design is my love and my gift. I want to use this gift that God had granted me to work on projects that will honour God. I know there are many people out there far more talented than me and I know that by my own strength is impossible to walk alone. Learning that God will always use the less talented and ordinary people in His wonderful plan to make it work if we allowed Him to use.

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