Thursday, April 24, 2008

Online Game

Blessings of the Day: Finally cleared the NUS and down with UniSIM! Go Go Go!

My lastest assignment requires me a game review. Is not the type you play and write the short review online. I am required to write a 4 to 6 pages report on this game I play, it is written as if I am doing a feedback report for the creator on the strategic decisions, AI and other technical stuffs for them about this game.

If only every of my assignment is as fun and interesting like this.

Too bad only 60 minutes trial time. Why can't they give me like 10 times login to play this game.. That will be super fun haha

Introducing Flower Stand Tycoon. This game was just released this year. Similar games I had played before: Lemonade Tycoon, Cinema Tycoon.

Your Uncle Potts has fallen on hard times. His flower business is about to go under and he needs your savvy business sense to save the bulbs. Help your uncle by selling his flowers throughout the city in your flower stands. Advertise and upgrade your business to compete with other flower vendors. Grab their customers and their market share to become a flourishing Flower Stand Tycoon.
  • Blooming time management game
  • Seasonal items & merchandise
  • Upgrade your stands

Shoot... I am hooked on this game. It is a good thing is only 60 minutes. My mind filled with how to earn as much money as possible to do upgrading and be a tycoon. Wahahaha.

I am left with

  1. 1 assignment due tomorrow 25th April
  2. 1 online quiz - 2nd May
  3. 1 exam - 16 May
  4. 1 Individual Final Project - 22 May
  5. 1 Group Final Project - 22 May

Praying for lots of wisdom, peace, confidence and good health.


QQ said...

PY..these 60 mins trial got not much use for me, i just get tempted and buy the game instead. Sigh.

Btw, u play b4 Dinner Dash??

This new game u intro looks interesting...i shall try....wahahaha.

Katherine aka Hap(py) said...

QQ, YES i am hooked on that as well! It also come with 60 mins too! I loved that game!!!!!