Saturday, April 26, 2008

Food for Thought: Cakes & Tea with a touch of vintage

Table Grace of the Day: Let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith. -Galatians 6:10

Tea Cosy @ Plaza Singapura 5th floor (beside Spotlight)

Last Saturday after studying, Kg and I finally decided to try the little antique bistro shop in Plaza Sing. Everytime we passed by the place, we very much wanted to try but ended up walking away eating elsewhere.

It gave us the feel of "Look kinda of expensive and the type doesnt look too yummy." One reason we decided to go in finally because the little cafe looked really good with all the antique furnitures. The hot favourite would be the little trishaw. However we didn't want to squeeze lar, so we opted for the more spacious bench (The bench looked like those old coffeeshop 60's bench. Price $250++ each). Haha.

I was very excited to see all the mini cakes they were offering. So we got a 2 tier cake stand with small cakes which the lady boss made herself. We were served Mango mousse cake, Chocolate Fudge, Brownie, Banana Cake and Tiramisu. (I think the cakes changes daily) It all tasted quite good except for the last one. The cakes were in bite size so you didn't feel to sinful after a heavy dinner although back of my mind was lusting after this carrot cake from Coffeebean. The cakes cost us at $6.90 which we felt it was abit pricey. But looking at the surroundings, we were paying for the ambience and the good service. We were looking for a quiet place to talk too so the place was really good. We ordered flora tea which I couldn't remember. Rose Mint Tea and Berry something tea. After 30 minutes, the lady boss topped up our tea cups with more hot water. It was a pleasant surprise as we were actually about to go in 15 minutes. Because she topped up more, we stayed for another 45 minutes and just talking. (which was rare for us... we ate fast and talk fast) haha

All the little utensils were all vintage and we were two weridos who kept lifting up the plates to see if it came with price tag. Haha. The reason we did that was this little bell beside me that stated "Ring bell for assistance". So of course I rang as I was ready to order. Then Kg said: "Py don't ring too hard. Later break how?" The bell had a mini price tag (which you can miss easily) that states $69.90. Haha.

I am thinking of bringing the JAP there for our next accountability group. After my exams :)

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