Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Running with God

Blessings of the Day: Ok, me was quite grateful when the incident happen. As you now, am quite careless @ times. Finally my mobile phone was left on the bus after meeting with my accountability group. A kind stranger aka ah beng called Kg and got him to collect from Tampines. Perhaps my phone was old and lousy but nevertheless I was grateful that he returned the phone. Thank you Kg that you had to travel down to collect my phone back.
Part of my resolutions 2008 is to jog & get healthy. My last run was 3 weeks ago and so today finally tonight I got to run again with Kg. Today running was quite special - I played a few songs while we both were running. I felt that the run was very different from what we usually do - it seem like a spiritual run - running with God.

First Song: 周杰伦晴天
We quite enjoyed this song, it was something that reminded us no matter how difficult - we always have friends who said to us that 晴天 will always come after the raining season is over. As we both hit a very hectic and difficult time, we both took comfort that our 晴天 would come soon.

Second Song: Michael Buble "Home"
Kg remarked, " Haiyo, why you play such a sad song?" I replied or i thought i rebutt - where got sad? Think of finishing line - almost finish! We both then were panting real hard and we only ran about less than 1km... We were quite quiet after the song started playing - he was right - the song did make us feel sad.

Third Song: Heal the Wo.."
That was the title that was shown on my mobile - I started to wonder - when did i download Michael Jackson's "Heal the World"? Jokingly I said - here comes a healing song! We both laughed and ran even faster. Surprise #1: It was a female singer. Surprise #2: Total new song - We both weren't expecting it. The park was quiet then, thus the song of the words filled the air and we felt we were very safe and protected - in God's hands.

Point of Grace - Heal The Wound

I used to wish that I could rewrite history
I used to dream that each mistake would be erased
Then I could just pretend
I never knew the ‘me’ back then
I used to pray that you would take this shame away
Hide all the evidence of who I’ve been
But it’s the memory ofthe place
You’ve brought me fromthat keeps me on my knees
even though I’m free

Heal the wound but leave the scar
A reminder of how merciful You are
I am broken, torn apart
Take the pieces of this heart
Heal the wound but leave the scar

The song were repeated at least 3 times as we continued running. Earlier while panting very hard - I decided to run one more round (usually i only run 1 round and will be quite dead after that), As the both of us ran - we meditated deeply and reflecting on the lyrics of the song. The jog was so much easier to run when this song started playing, especially when we focus on God. It had helped the both of us to see that sometime no matter difficult or impossible the circumstances we were in, we should focus on God - because He would carry us through.

As I needed to manually repeat the song on my mobile, there would be moments there would be no music. During the "silence or music-less" moment - I heard our panting loud and hard. We both felt that it was kind of depressing as though we were struggling very very hard on our own. However when the music started playing, it drowned our pantings and helped ourselves to focus back on God. It instantly struck us even more - we all need God more than ever. Without Him, our provider, how can we finish this journey this race?

At one time, I thought I saw the finishing line, thinking "Great! Almost!" My thoughts began to fade off from the song and started to do countdown for the last lap. To my disappointment, I was misled - that was not the finishing line! Disappointed, my running seem abit more draggy now. Then once again it strucked me, why didn't I focus on God again? I lost track and started to find my own finishing point. When I was "blinded" and couldn't find it thus I faced the disappointment. Dragging myself back, I started to reflect on the song again and the misled of finishing line reminded me how sometime I wanted to do my own way my own choice my own goals. This was when I walked away from God's intended path and choose to find my own success. I came to realize it would never be possible if I chose not to walk closely with God.

After 2 rounds, we stopped and took one more round for a cool down exercise. We talked and shared about how the "accident random playing" of 3 songs helped us to understand God more. The first 2 reflected the world's view and thoughts. Yes they are sufficent to get us back but somehow we know what is missing. The 3rd song reminded us that we need God to fill in the emptiness in our hearts and our lives. We were amazed how the run with ou songs brought us closer to God. The run helped us to take away the stress and hectic that we faced - work, studies, ministry, family and ourselves.

Yes - i remembered how I got the song - from my accountability group - JAP =)

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weiggy said...

HAHA! i also forgot i send it to you and Jem via bluetooth.. when i read your blog, i was like.. oh i know the song.. i liked it and was surprised for a moment you have it too.. then at your last line.. i'm like.. oh man.. hahaha.. i also forgot. yah that time we met at TTSH starbucks!

Thank you for your sharing of the 3 songs!