Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 - Slow Down and Live!

Blessings of the Day: It is a great way to start Year 2007. I want to shout a big Thank YOU to all my sisters and brothers in Christ! Thank you for embracing me! GOD is sooo GOOD!

1st Jan 2007 - Daily bread article shown me a great way to start my Year 2007.

Many of our New Year’s resolutions may actually accelerate our pace of life instead of helping us to slow down. In a quest for greater productivity and efficiency, we overschedule our days, then rush through meals, drive impatiently, and wonder why the joy of living eludes us.

This is so true! We are rushing non stop in the attempt to complete our goals so that end of the day we feel acheieved. What's true is that we aren't feeling good and instead losing the joy of doing the work we once enjoy. Losing the joy we once we love.

Let's start slow and steady! So that all of us can win the race!

If you’re working hard to make a living,
Never taking time to smell the roses,
Now’s the time to heed the Bible’s wisdom:
Find true joy before your life’s day closes. —Hess

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