Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dinner

Blessings of the Day: I've just returned from the tiring 2D1N recruits camp. The camp was good with the ice broke and I got to know my squad girls better - Yun Ting, Dion, Wai Hua and Jaymin. Very sweet angels and active ones too. Looking forward to a good squad outing in June.
As I returned home, KG was very happy to see me. It felt good to see your family smiling at you greeting you at the home door. Perhaps I've never experienced that it in my own home then becos my parents would be busy with something or other things and likewise for my siblings too. This is considered peaceful and good already (becos no one is fighting @ home) So when Kg greet me at the door, I was surprised and frankly speaking I didn't quite know how to react.

As i unpacked my bag and started to wash the clothes and at the back of my mind, I needed a good comfort meal after the camp. I was thinking of something wholesome and warm, just as I wanted to tell KG that let's had the clam chowder soup that was resting in the freezer, He excitedly said to me, "Let me cook you a dinner tonight!" I was like eh, is ok, i can do it. He insisted and said rest and once ready, he would call me out.

Feeling rather stunned (since the greeting), I obliged since my muscles were aching like mad. So i rest and soon there was this nice aroma in the house. I started thinking what was he possibly cooking since the fridge was virtually empty (cos we had Seng Siong @ our home below, we can always get fresh supplies of food below anytime).

Then when he came to me, he said oki dinner ready! *very happily* This time I was really curious what was he up to?! When we walked towards the kitchen, i saw 2 bowls. I laughed.

In the bowl, there were rice and topped with a sunshine fried egg (wah very pretty! Better than mine), one hot dog, chilli and soy sauce. He said ok try it! He told me to mix around with the egg yolk. I lifted up the egg, and i saw more crab meat and stirred around and took the first bite. I know it sounds funny, but it was good. Haha. As I ate slowly, he said there were more hidden surprises below. So i started to stir the rice and lo and behold.. I found scallop. The scallop is not the scallop you are thinking. Is the small dry scallop that Chinese use for cooking soup. Hahaha. As I ate, I noticed he actually took hashbrown and mashed up with the rice!

To me that was a Chinese version of Korean Bim Bim Bap. LOL. A pity I've forgotten to take the picture.

We ate the dinner that Kg cooked for me. I was feeling very comforted. It was indeed a wholesome dinner. The best thing was this guy talked so much as we ate our dinner. He kept saying.

KG: "Wah I can't believe I cook such a delicious dinner tonight"

Me: "..."

KG: "We only have 2 bowls to wash tonight! Because the kitchen is clean! The pots and pans are washed. Including the rice cooker! "

Me: "..."

KG: "This is so delicious! You want to learn how to cook this?" as he continued munching his dinner.

Me: "Can you cook this the next time when I am feeling tired/unhappy/lazy? I like to list this as my next comfort food. Thanks!"

KG: "..."

Hahaha. I am bless to have this wonderful husband.

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QQ said...

Wow! I'm so impressed and touched at the same time. This is truely comfort food. Blessed.