Monday, January 18, 2010

6 more days to our wedding

Is really exciting. haha

But work is still on my mind. Just now i got a very disappoint email and sms from a very disappointed client. Hmmm, I am starting to wonder the problem might just lie with him not me. Oh well, what can I do? I do feel angry and upset but however, I need to find peace with God. not with that client. So God please grant me the peace that I need. You've given me all the blessings in all wedding prep. Everything is going smoothly so far. You will carry me to the end and for the next 3 working days, I commit to You and ask You grant me the strength to go through it. With 2 deadlines in 3 days.

The Lord is my helper Amen =)

The title doesn't really seemed to match what I am rambling now. haha

Many asked me if I am nervous, uptight and anxious? The answer is Yes! Cos i am thinking about work! Opps sorry. Well, No. Wedding is just a day simply. It is a day where I get married legally to KG. Haha. God have been good to us. We are thankful for the 12 years of friendship cum 10 years of loveship, He brought us so far till today. Is definitely not by our strength and understanding what relationship really means. If not for God, we won't be holding hands till now.

What I look forward is the marriage that a new chapter we are starting in 6 days time. KG had been really looking forward to this day. Certainly there were stress in the wedding logistics and other areas but what matter most is we are standing together as one.

I certainly need to change my lifestyle. No more late working hours, eat healthily, exercise regularly and to pray for my family and love ones more often. I felt sometimes when a couple get too involved in meeting objectives aka task oriented, we lose the little moments of life that God wants us to see. We miss the main point what God really want to show us. I certainly do not want to miss anything that God wants me to see. I prayed for the both of us to walk more closely with God each day as we lead our life as husband and wife.

God this is our prayer, that we will live together and lead a life that glorify you. Help me and KG to go through the next 10 years, 20 years, 30 years and more just like how You have brought us through for the past 10 years.

This week will be "tough" both Kg and I are literally slaves to our work. We both really pray hard that God will release all the unnecessary stress from now till Saturday. Teach us to LET GO and put all anxiety and burdens unto God. Peace to dwell in our hearts.

Be with us God, in Jesus mighty name we pray Amen :)

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