Wednesday, January 06, 2010

3 more weeks to our ... HONEYMOON

Blessings of the Day: Guo Da Li was a success. Thank God! Thank Dad & Mom! Thanks to KG, Aunty and T.
I think I am more excited for our honeymoon than our big day. haha.

Finally after weeks of researching, we decided that we will book this ryokan.

秀峰閣湖月 Shuhoukaku Kogetsu

OpenKitchenConcept recommended me to go to Fuji Five Lakes, Lake Kawaguchi instead of Hakone to experience osen and ryokan stay. There were quite a number of ryokans and I was hoping to find one that allows me to view Mt Fuji when we soak in osen/hot springs, to stay in a traditional japanese style room and to try their authentic Japanese food where we usually watch in Japan Hour. I was also quite "greedy" I hope to even catch Mt Fuji view in our room.

It was no joke to search for a Ryokan. For alot of times I really felt giving up and just intend do a day trip to Mt Fuji and Hakone and return back to Tokyo. Ryokan are really not cheap. But if you count in 2 meals for 2 pax, it works out quite a good average. Since is 1 night and I had already save quite a fair bit from the Tokyo lodgings, I shall not complain and spurge. haha.

After about a few months (yes a few months) I was quite pleased with what I had chose and told KG about it. As usual the guy just said anything. In this ryokan, we can view Mt Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi from all rooms, gardens and open-air baths. I think that to us is the biggest highlight. The drawback was is quite a distance from the bus station so hopefully I can arrange for a shuttle bus or private car transport to pick us up. Despite the not so accessible location, there are actually a couple of museum near the ryokan. One of which is a Music Forest and I had already saw some interesting photos online. That will keep us occupied :)

As I've been searching like crazy, i realized I really need to force myself to go through Japanese website using Google Translation. That experience is hilarious. I felt I was reading some kind of gibberish language. Haha.

I drop an email to the ryokan to request if there are any shuttle bus to pick us up from the bus station. After sending, I got an automatic reply in Japanese of course. I decided to use Google Translation to translate and see what it says.

お手数ですが まで再度お問い合せください。

If there is no reply from the hotel even after a week,
Some in the hotel when the accident have not received the email.
Cross your fingers please contact up again.

Oh i can't wait for this trip! :))

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