Friday, August 22, 2008

The getaway

Blessings of the Day: Feeling quite good and healthy after exercising for about 3 weeks. I still fell sick though due to dehydration. Exercising is my top priority these days and I always look forward to a great time of sweating it out. Look more fit (at least when I stare into my reflection). Weather is super hot, got to really drink more water.
Had the opportunity to go back to KL for a short break after 3 years since I visited the place. Surprise my memory serves me well and most of the time I can navigate the group around KL pretty well. Though is only 3D2N which only granted me 1.5 Day of shopping, it was a relaxing trip.

After 3 years I managed to try out the Aeroline which I missed the other time. The bus was not too bad and perhaps I thought I might have overrate it somehow. I was told 5 Stars would be a better choice of course more expensive. But the thought of the bus reached our hotel at the door step, the convenience was too good to be resisted. ConcordeHotel was one of my selected choice followed by Corus. However location won us over. Standard did drop compare to the other time when I stayed. Particularly the service was terrible but I was reminded to be patient and treat the staffs with patience. Both left and right the corus folks were kena scolded by of course I supposed Singaporeans (Since it was national weekend). My heart nearly dropped when they almost couldn't find my bookings. Again patience and sincerity was the key to receive good service. The guy named Abe who served us was really kind enough and I thought how maybe he seen his other colleagues got slashing from the customers was probably thanking in his heart he got such a nice customer like me. Haha. The room arrangements took abit more time than expected, but at least I was grateful he was willingly to meet my minimum requirements. Anything else extras were bonuses and I guess I too must appreciate his hard work. Thanks Abe!

We went to Suria KLCC for first thing to get - A&Ws. Chicken Wings were soso, Onion Rings were HUMONGOUS! Waffles were good (too bad I didn't 1 for myself), Root Beers were my top favourite.

After that the group split up and agreed to come back by dinner time. Kg and I roamed around and I could see he was pretty excited to be in KL. I got myself a nice basic tee from MNG. Then I somehow got abit overheated and became very thirsty. Kept flying to Cold Storage to buy mineral water. I drank at least 3 bottles in 2 hours I thought. Got myself cinnamon buns since Saints Cinnamon extinct in Singapore. What else did we do? We walked for at least 2.5 hours before dinner time strikes.

After doing some groundwork online, I brought the group to Mdm Kwan for dinner. Like me, they all seem to be overheated too and ordered our own individual food. The food were really good btw. I got myself chicken rice - too bad for the small portion otherwise it was excellent! Kg got himself dumpling soups and it was really good. All local food by Mdm Kwan were really good. Although pricey but at least I knew we were eating authentic Malaysian food.

My chicken Rice

Jem & Kel - some kind of spicy noodles.. can't remember...

Fried Guo Tiao - KK's

The healthy folks - KG & Mandy's order

We walked around and went out of KLCC and tried to take various shots with the Petronas Twin Towers behind us. The challenge? BEND DOWN ALL THE WAYS and point ur camera up and take the pictures. The whole outdoors of KLCC looks abit worrying with many teenagers and adults smoking away, skating and chatting. Out of nowhere came 3 police cars, I thought it really freaked Kg out abit. Kg was trying to hurry the group back to the shopping mall. Poor Kg was really stressed and he only stop worrying when the whole group was finally back in the KLCC.

We caught a 3D movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth". It was an interesting show and I thought it was better than "Mummy 3" Well it was better because at least Brendan Fraser was performing more in "Journey" than in "Mummy" plus it was a 3D show. It cost us RM17 to catch this show. Pricey again - but worth it.

Next morning, we head to opposite coffeeshop to have our first local breakfast. We had their teh or teh tarik (Don't look like teh tarik to me though cos it should have foam but none found). A malay young guy took our orders but due to poor communication, he nearly got our order wrong. I might end up having 4 marsala thosai. The breakfast was filling for some. Their local mee rebus were different from SG and the thosai as well. Mandy got a good choice of Mee Goreng. The breakfast for 6 of us came up to around RM35+ plus. Quite affordable.

Since @ KLCC, the group didn't really get to shop much, I brought them to Bukit Bintang. Mandy made quite a good planning that we would shop at Times Square and meet up for lunch before we all proceed to Sungei Wang and BB Plaza. Hoho I went mad at Times Square cos I got a pair of sandals, beach shorts, a Body Glove polo tee and work dress from G200 @ 70% OFF! I always thought Times Square would be like another Suntec City as this was what I saw the last time round. Hurray to Mandy.

@ Lunch time, the group looked quite tired from all the walking and plus sadly we did not find the mini lobster noodles shop and the food center that was recommended was not really looking good and appealing. It looks old and most of the shops were closed. So based on one of my friend blog, we tried out Mdm Wang @ Sungei Wang. Initially Jem wanted to eat Japanese food but the teppanyaki didn't quite look appealing and the customers also looked bored in the shop. So we moved to Mdm Wong's cafe instead.

Jem's Order - mei qai kou rou

My teh - nice cup

Kel's order - cant remember the name again...

Mandy's rendang order.

That's mine - stired fried seafood udon

KK's order. I cant remember also.. lol What that?

Similar to Mdm Kwan, they served Malaysian authentic food. I ordered stirred fried udon. It was good and cheap to eat there. Then after we shopped more and actually both Kg and myself was abit overwhelmed by all the mini shops. It was like forever you could never finish shopping in Sungei Wang. As SW and Bukit Bintang Plaza was linked we checked out the other building.

Surprisingly, there weren't much stuffs either. Just about to give up and returned to the mini maze of shops, we suddenly found this very nicely bright and open spaced .... FISH SPA! Kg and I wanted to try foot massage but we couldn't found any. Most looked like "black shops" to us. Haha, at least BB Fish Spa looked professional and you could see exactly who are the people using the fish spa. It resembled like a Japanese room and it was surrounded with a 50cm deep water filled with fishes or guppies of course. Kg was surprisingly ONz all of the sudden and said OKOK we go try together! Paid RM38 for 30 mins each pax. I thought it was all in the name of the fun experience plus is in KL! How cool was that! So we washed our smelly feet in case the poor fishes were dead in our feet. (haha, you get my joke? No? erm nvm)

Seriously when i saw all the fishes - i WAS CHICKENED OUT! I took my own sweet time to insert my pig trotters in. Most of the fishes would usually swim away first. I got really freaked out whenever the fishes came near me. The fishes were not really guppies size at all. They were as long as mine last finger as fat as my thumb. Kg was quite excited and just put them in. And the next thing........

I think you got to watch the video and you know what I mean... lol cos you got to experience "LIVE" since you were not there like me. I tried to add subtitles in to let you see... give me maybe about 1 working week to upload the video up. haha..

The "pathetic" look on my face. I was trying hard not to laugh so much. Kg was more relaxed after his torture.

So it took me at least 15 mins to laugh finish and settled down. By the time I thought there were at least 50 fishes each chewing my foot dead skins away. It looked very very gross seriously but FUN at the same time! The business quite easy to survive leh. No need to buy fish food just give them eat smelly feet. Haha. By the end of the fish spa, Kg kept saying OHHH looked how white my feet had become.. Hmmmm I don't know but I guessed it looked smoother after all. What a fishy experience.

Next we met up and head to Chinatown. I was quite disappointed with the chinatown trip. First the gui lin gao that I had 3 years back - standard dropped slightly. That wasn't the main disappointment for me at least. It was a Chinese confectionery shop in Chinatown. Anyway when I returned from KL, I was greatly upset (and even had a nightmare about it [why must I always have nightmare whenever i go overseas]) and wrote a review at So you can read the not so nice review over there instead of my blog. So after getting all the local food products, we returned back to KLCC for dinner since KK wasn't feeling too well and plus the group was feeling abit uncomfortable. Chinatown seem to become slightly more messy compare the last time. Just before sunset, we went back.

During the afternoon, we couldn't get our stomach filled with Japanese food, we had dinner @ Sake Sushi instead. Sake was slightly cheaper in KL than in SG. For the first time I ordered Salmon Don. Friends who knew I don't particular like sashimi. What I liked was the fragrant vinegar japanese rice. I thought I could have 2 bowls of the rice and would return feeling contented. hehehe.

Here are mine and kg purchases for the trip.

The next day just before we set off back, we had breakfast at the same coffeeshop again. This time we ordered their prata too. THEIR PRATA SO NICE!!!! I liked!!!! It was so different from SG. Their plain prata were "teared" up before serving. The best thing was it was sweet and I could eat it plain without sugar. I also had bee hoon goreng. *Drools even when I think of it now*


Egg Roti

Gorsong Roti Drools X 10

Back on Aeroline, we "flew" back home and feeling quite happy and contented with all the mini shopping cum eating trip. Hopefully the next road trip will be Penang and Ipoh. :)

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