Sunday, May 20, 2007

Exam Fever

Blessings of the day: *Eyes Big Big* I finished my report yeah yeah! *jump*

I am having exam next Saturday but seriously my mind wanders to end of June.. keekee..

Xena: Ok PY please focus... you want to fail your exam is it?

PY: *weep* Nope! AND I don't want!

Xena: So You better buck up and stop dreaming!

PY: *weep abit more and wide the tear away*

Xena: Muahaha

Py: *eyes big big* Back to the pile of books....

Things to study...
1) Analogue Wave ~ Half Done
2) Digital Wave ~Half Done
3) Ear
4) Eye ~ Done
5) Sampling ~ Half Done
6) Aliasing
7) Digital Video Broadcasting
8) Bits & Bytes
9) + many more calculations!

Pray for wisdom, good health and i don't panic...!


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