Friday, March 16, 2007

Yo! Check this out!

Blessings of the Day: Haha read the entry.. that will be my whole article on blessings of the day!

The past 2 days GB camp was great.. but I hit a minor accident... all my fault.. so "tan1 wan2"! I played basketball with the gb girls. I was very lousy with basketball so long never play.. to make matter worst... the court was pitch dark. So when the ball flew ... I jump and "pia" the next thing i knew i saw my finger swollen :P

I quickly get ice-water to stop the swelling.. then my beloved Mdm Rachel said i should i put in warm water to relax the muscles... then after that i applied some medicated oil ... the whole night.. toss and turn didn't sleep as the pain was abit intense making me unable to sleep... I woke up to see a cocktail sausage...

After the camp, Kg met me up was shocked so he brought me to hospital to X-ray.. Guess what he said:

"This is a multiple fractures!"


"Later the doctor would do these.... " and proceed a drama and frightening description about what the doctor is going to do...

"YOU DON'T BLUFF ME!" I screamed in the hospital ... "Ni Bu Yao PIAN WO"

"Really" ...

"If all said is not true, you shall treat me to eat Sakae Sushi"

"What if is true?"

"Then feel free to order what ever you want at Sakae Sushi!"

"Yeah!" *Silence* "Erm... actually it depend on the circumstances... the doc may do all other things..."

*Shoot dagger and laser look @ him*


Then went in and start to examine my finger X-ray reports.. i looked.. ok leh all straight.. where got broken bones... then doctor say... ok minor fractures after zooming in and out at the digital X-rays... Then i started to become very "irritating"

"Doc i heard i got multiple fractures.. then got blood cot then they say you need to do something to the finger by twisting here and there... " rattle for quite sometime

"Who is this THEY?!" - Doc replied

"Erm... *looking at Kg* My friends LOR" (inclusive kelvin... and jemaine)

"No such things...will put a splint so that you won't move ur last finger... You will have 2 weeks MC ..." walk away to get a splint

Me: " heehee.. i just got free sakae sushi dinner"

Kg: " eh no lor.. i told u circumstances... i already said..."

Then Doctor returned with a shiny splint... then he started to flip here and there.. For awhile, what Kg mentioned earlier seems to be so close... i started to panic... Keegan start to give me a *sick* smile

"Are you going to use this to do something to my finger?"


"What you going to do?"

"Hold the finger in place.. "

"Pain anot?"

"You feeling pain?"

"No ..."

"Then no lor"

I mean .. i didnt faint.. i mean when i heard what he said.. i wanna laugh and cry at the same time.. then he bandaged my last finger in place...

Getting more mischieveous.. I started to poke keegan with my last finger.... I told him... I feel like an empress... *lala*

Then i start to rap and told him..*Yo yo check this out.. check my cute finger!*

He wanna cry out in desperation when he see me do that.. hahaha

Thank God really nothing major happen. It was smooth and fast.. =) And i can still work .. hahaha...


QQ said...

*LOL* This account is hilarious.....

But nevertheless, take caution and recover fast =D

weiggy said...

wha... what a saga!!..

yoZ! take care yah!

catch up soon!