Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lunar New Year - Day 1

Blessings of the Day: Perfect Weather! We had Carl's Junior for dinner.. yup that count as a blessings too! =)

Keegan and I head to Sentosa Flowers 2007. This year flowers exhibition was kind of disappointing despite they had increased the exhibition area. Compared to 2006, there were less flowers and plants. Last year, every corner we turn, we are surrounded by flowers and more flowers. It was definitely more colourful as compared to 2007. Nevertheless, we spent about 1 hour there to take pictures and enjoy the good lunar new year break.

I taught Keegan the camera macro mode (the flower one) and he became increasingly interested in taking flowers and most of the photos have more flowers than me and him *faint* but it was a good time but time to time we did grumble *why so little flowers*

While uploading the photos, I decided to compare the photos we took last year and this year Sentosa Flowers. I found some similarities and it was for sure it was not on purpose. Hahaha

"Sitting on the grass"


"Keegan's Leaf Shade"


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